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Your First Visit

The integrated medicine approach at Acupuncture and Physical Therapy Place, where alternative medicine and evidence-based treatments are delivered, means that you will instantly feel the care when you arrive at our clinic.

We start your time with us with a thorough assessment of your condition, a gathering of your patient history, and a discussion about your treatment options.

First Treatment:
Acupuncture - 2 hrs
Physical Therapy - 1 hr

You can expect to receive your first physical therapy treatment or acupuncture treatment on your first visit, so be sure to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.

Please bring with you a list of all your prescribed medication and any over the counter medication you take regularly.

For acupuncture appointments, bring a list of any questions you might have.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing so that acupuncture points may be easily accessed. 

Refrain from using scented soaps, lotions, oils and shampoo or wearing perfume or cologne on the day of your appointment.  Remove make-up and foundation prior to your appointment.

Do not eat large meals just before or after your visit. However, do not fast or skip meals on the day of your visit. Refrain from overexertion, working out, drugs or alcohol for up to six hours before and 24 hours after treatment.

Make time to relax, get plenty of rest and avoid stressful situations. Take notes of physical or emotional changes between visits.

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